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Is your outbound strategy breaking the law?

One of the main risks of any outbound strategy is silent calls to consumers – where the dialler system connects a call to a customer without checking if an agent is ready to take that call. Not only does this cause brand reputation damage, it can lead to fines of up to £2m.

To Blend Or Not To Blend

Traditionally, contact centres relied on two different technology systems; one to route inbound calls and another to make outbound calls. As a result, teams tended to be separated into silos based on the skill-sets required to manage the two different types of calls.

Five tips for an effective outbound strategy

Outbound calls in the contact centre are in decline, with a drop to 22% from 33.7% in the last decade according to an industry report from Contact Babel. This may come as no surprise considering only 1% of cold calls are successful.

outbound campaigns

Come in from the cold (calling) and warm to outbound

In the past, cold calling may have been an appropriate option for businesses, but with an average of one-third of mobiles either unavailable, turned off or roaming, and a plethora of other digital channels available to target new customers, it seems that businesses are wasting their time with cold calling.