Understand Your Challenges

We not only understand your challenges, our contact centre solutions address the issues that often prevent businesses, like yours, from delivering outstanding customer experience

  • Pace of change: customer behaviours and technology
  • Operational efficiency and cost savings
  • Customer journey across multiple channels
  • Successful call blending
  • Agent recruitment, retention & development
  • Reliability & disaster recovery
  • Secure payments & compliance
  • New technology into existing infrastructure

Ensuring technology keeps pace with changing customer behaviours

Today’s savvy customers are always on, preferring to communicate through the channel and device most convenient, driving a need for seamless customer interactions. Your customers expect you to know who they are, what they want, and how to deal with them, without asking them to repeat information or passing them between departments. Is your business under increasing pressure to become more agile to meet the new world of customer interaction?

You need a contact centre solution that can keep the pace. Empower, engage and motivate your agents by providing a single view of all interactions across every channel. Optimise business efficiency and effectiveness, and react to changing situations. Deliver consistent customer experiences with a robust feature set such as intelligent call routing, dynamic scripting, predictive dialling, CRM integration and variety of recording and reporting options.

Driving operational efficiency and cost savings

Driving operational efficiency; doing more with same people, and optimising business efficiency; doing more with less people – is no mean feat. Not only are contact centres under pressure to reduce costs, but to optimise profitability. Can your contact centres add more to the bottom-line? Consider a solution that allows you to:

  • Purchase services using a per concurrent user license model to keep operating expenses manageable and controllable
  • Scale up or down quickly as demand dictates eliminating the need for purchasing redundant licenses or hardware to support them
  • Take advantage of low risk setup, expansion or test new functionality/li>
  • Boost agent productivity, increase contact rates and build better customer relationships
  • Design diverse call flows for customer acquisition, service, retention and collections
  • Take advantage of advanced options for compliancy and workforce optimisation

Understanding and managing the customer journey across multiple channels

You may be feeling powerless in responding to customers’ demand for seamless communications across multiple channels and dealing with the realisation that customer contact needs to be part of an omnichannel contact strategy and not a siloed environment. You’re not alone. This is a major challenge for many organisations.

West gives operational control to Contact Centre Managers enabling them to design and deliver seamless customer experiences across multiple channels and adapt workflows to respond to event- driven contact peaks, in real-time. It allows you to simply map out the best possible customer journey and create sophisticated workflows, without the need for professional services.

Blending inbound and outbound calls successfully

Many contact centres are deploying outbound calls to maximise agent productivity during lulls between inbound peaks. Call blending gives the ability to deliver both inbound and outbound calls seamlessly to the appropriately skilled agents, regulating outbound call volume based on inbound traffic. When inbound traffic is low, outbound calls are automatically generated for a specified campaign. When inbound traffic picks up, the dialler dynamically slows the number of outgoing calls to meet the inbound service level. Results can include increased agent productivity, streamlined staffing, and improved customer service.

Agent recruitment, retention and skillset development

High levels of staff attrition can seriously impact your contact centre profitability, performance and the customer experience. Inexperienced staff are also more likely to miss cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. As increased pressure is placed on team leaders and experienced agents it becomes increasingly difficult to bring on-board new applications, systems and business, processes as agents struggle with what you already have in place. Our cloud-based contact centre platform addresses these challenges:

  • Access sophisticated real-time call routing controls and reporting features across multisite contact centres and home-based agents for total transparency of call queues and agent activity
  • Intelligent call routing for incoming, outgoing and blended communications ensures contacts are handled quickly and effectively based on your contact centre’s specific business rules.
  • Automatically deliver the relevant workflow and customer data to the agent’s screen for each call further improves the agent and customer experience and reduces call handle time.
  • Using workforce management and real-time adherence tools ensures the right agents are in the right place at the right time
  • Using agent preferences when creating schedules also helps to reduce agent attrition, contributing to the bottom line by utilising resources more effectively.
  • Simultaneously access reporting data and adjust call flow, add or remove users any time, and scale services as quickly as you need through an easy to use online portal
  • Easily accommodate predictable seasonal call bursts or unanticipated call spikes with unlimited call capacity.

Reliability & disaster recovery

Our multi-tenant contact centre solution means clients’ data and configuration are separated virtually. Multi-location datacentres provide redundancy and disaster recovery as standard backed with performance-related guarantees, with reimbursement of fees if targets are not met.

Advanced features are deployed across sites with disaster recovery and risk minimisation available as standard.

We undertake quality of service testing, including network quality of service, to guarantee contact centre network traffic and any associated data processing has sufficient bandwidth. We ensure the fast and immediate reaction of input and response for operations using dynamic scripting.

Secure payment processing and PCI compliance

To be compliant, payments must be processed securely. However, the key issue with achieving this is that your organisation is required to record their calls also take payment card details over the phone – this makes the recording and storage of this data a huge compliance issue.

With West Cloud Call Recording software, there's no capex, no long lead time, and no complex installation or hardware required. You manage recordings from within the customer record without any complex system integration project. Integrate with phone systems, including our own hosted VoIP PBX solution, delivering agent level indexing, call transfer tracking and more. You gain the benefits of thousands of pounds’ worth of call recording software, all for as little as half a penny per minute.

Using network call recording, every customer interaction with your organisation is transparently and painlessly recorded and stored in our cloud for as long as you need it. Cloud Call Recording works seamlessly with your contact centre solution and integrates with all major CRM systems, including Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.com.

With our open APIs, you unlock the power of the data held in your customer interactions to drive the payment of staff commissions, update CRM records, improve processes and drive faster resolution of complaints.

Integrating new technology with existing infrastructure

Do you have multiple tools and solutions from different vendors that don’t necessarily integrate? Not a problem.

Unlike other providers, we have the back-office UC capability in the cloud as standard. We seamlessly integrate cloud technologies with your legacy infrastructure and facilitate a smooth transition to next-generation communications. Our strong partner relationships and integrated UC contact centre platform gives you the capability to deliver seamless and contextual multichannel consumer experiences.

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